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ECO CLEAN is FSSAI certified and very different from the existing chemical sterilizers that are widely available in the market


Eco Clean is an eco-friendly safe and innovative way to clean vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.  It is a complete food additive and eliminates germs, bacteria, chemicals, wax and preservatives from the surface of vegetables and fruits.

Eco Clean can be used as a food additive, preservative and as a disinfectant

  • Food: food ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish can be safely disinfected.
  • Baby products: sterilize baby products like feeding bottle, breast pumps, pacifiers, teethers, toys etc.
  • Kitchen appliances: kitchen wares like knife, cutting board can be safely disinfected
  • Rice: original taste of rice will be recovered for better taste
  • Meat: smell of meat will be removed, and texture and taste will be chewy and tender
  • Fish: freshness will be enhanced and smell of fish will be suppressed
  • Increase shelf life: when added it helps in increasing the shelf-life of the product.

Eco Clean is manufactured by SK Intech Metchems Private Limited and globally distributed and promoted by Kaydence Media Ventures Private Limited.